Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Eats: Fargo

I assure you, Fargo is not a culinary void.  Nor is it full of citizens who wood-chip their local nemeses.  On a recent long weekend trip to Fargo, I had the pleasure of enjoying some new and familiar culinary goodies.  For one, Nicole's Fine Pastries:
This. Was. Amazing.  I didn't even know I liked coconut cream pie.

What meringue perfection.  I wonder if they use a creme brulee-type blow torch on the meringue?  I've never seen meringue look like that!  It's like Redi-Whip!

And last, but not least, fruit tarts.  Once you dive in, you can actually see the flecks of vanilla bean in the custard below.

And for another - the new JL Beers. I first read about it on The Heavy Table, and I think it fulfills a longtime area need for a restaurant/bar with an impressive list of taps.  And, I don't know of any other place in town where you can get a beer flight.  The place is small, and so is the food menu, but they do small well.  The burgers were perfectly tasty, and the fresh potato chips were a perfect complement to the flight.  I couldn't keep my eyes off the potato slicer - ribbon after curled ribbon of potato goodness!  My one complaint?  No tap water.  Who doesn't have tap water?  When I asked, they tried to sell me a bottle of water.  I told them no thanks, I'll stick to the beer. 

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