Monday, July 12, 2010


As I moved into my apartment last November, I am continually discovering new and changing vegetation around the building.  I had a lilac bush outside my front window?  Didn't know until they were blooming.  A peony by the back stairs?  No idea until the blooms flopped onto the step.  And best of all - a mystery bush on the passenger side of my parking space.  All these months I disregarded it, until one day this summer I noticed little red berries.  I figured they were probably your run-of-the-mill, wilderness (bear food) variety, until I looked closer:  RASPBERRIES!  Food of the gods.  I couldn't believe my luck.  Now, I realize that perhaps someone feels ownership over said raspberry bush.  My neighbor across the hall does maintain many of the plants growing on the property, making them, in my mind, hers.  Not to mention the fact that the bush is bordered on the other side by the next door neighbor's garage.  Perhaps the raspberries are rightly theirs!  All this being said, I couldn't help but to head back there the other night with an old strawberry container and pluck away.  I looked over my shoulders a couple of times, half expecting to see the cross raspberry bush possessor looking stern with arms crossed, but I didn't.  And let me tell you: they taste like heaven!

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