Monday, January 10, 2011

So Many Things write about.  I've obviously eaten and cooked a lot of things since my last post, and I certainly didn't realize how my life would soon change when I wrote it!  One food question I never thought I'd consider is: what do you eat when you're engaged?  Yep, since my last post, the boyfriend popped the question and we are officially to be wed.  So, although one might not think that being engaged changes your eating patterns, I'm here to tell you that it does (at least temporarily).  Here's a list of things I have eaten since becoming engaged:

- engagement cupcakes!  (below).  A former colleague and friend of mine who can always be counted on for her enthusiasm (espcailly when it comes to weddings) surprised me with these little cakes at a ladies' wine and cheese night.  They were as delicious as they look!  And, I think the others enjoyed sporting the bling while eating them...

- beer flights and scallops at one of you favorite dining establishments, Buster's on 28th.  Because after you get engaged, what else should you do??  After jumping up and down, yelling, and calling the family, we found ourselves at a bit of a standstill - "now what do we do??"  So we went out for dunch.  

- dark chocolate M&Ms, raspberries, and champagne.  Because when getting together with your girlfriends soon after the engagement, they want to celebrate with treats!  My old college roommate knows I love raspberries and chocolate and think almost anything is a good excuse to imbibe in champagne, so we had them all in one night.

- Halloween cupcakes.  (I'm sensing a trend, here.)  We got engaged on October 30th, so spent the evening carving pumpkins, drinking cider, and eating halloween cupcakes.  One was a caramel apple cupcake and one was Surly & chocolate - both from Salty Tart.  They were fantastic.  And so is the ring.