Friday, August 31, 2012

Fridge Cleanout

Today at my office, the semi-regular memo went around saying it was time to clean the refrigerators again. Building staff would be coming through and throwing away any food not marked with someone's name/date. I decided to take it upon myself to do my part in helping in this operation. Not that I keep much food in the refrigerators for long. For the past week I have been watching leftover soup catered from Kowalski's languish in the fridge after being delivered to a meeting with the higher-ups. I had only brought a light lunch today, so helped myself to a bit of creamy chicken tortellini soup. A few days ago I enjoyed the beef-barley.  

Next I moved on to the freezer, where I noticed a few days ago two boxes of Dairy Queen Dilly Bars with post-it notes attached that read "FINANCE." If I worked in the finance department, I would need dilly bars, too. Today, however, the post-its were gone and a couple of dilly bars were left. I think I see desert in my future. 

Is this strange behavior? Am I crazy for trolling for extra, unwanted food in the work refrigerator? I take some credit in the fact that after college I spent a year in a volunteer program where made $7,000 that year. Total. So my philosophy was one of "take what you can get, when you can get it!" One of my housemates and fellow volunteers worked at a food shelf and would come home Friday afternoons with a stash of food shelf remnants from the week (the food shelf was not open on the weekends). She would practically die before wasting food, so would pull any number of things from her "magic backpack" (or so we dubbed it): a bag of softening key limes she would make into lemonade, fancy hemp bread, spelt English muffins, or a crate of bruised peaches for crisp. I did enjoy the remains of that food shelf - is the office refrigerator so different?  

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